As a business heavily vested in the cleaning industry, we treat the environment with a high level of care and continue to work with our vendor partners and customers on sustainable development.  While ensuring minimal sacrifice to cleaning effectiveness and efficiency, we offer a wide selection of cleaning products that are healthier for the environment and those who are working with them.

Over the past few years, a majority of our vendor partners have spent countless amounts of time and energy on the research and development of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and remain on the forefront of changing requirements.  We are proud to say that we have worked with them to offer these products to all of our valued customers.  We sell a great selection of paper products, cleaning solutions, garbage bag liners and cleaning equipment that has a reduced environmental impact and are UL/Ecologo or Green Seal certified.

We are proud to say we were chosen and succeeded as being a key supplier in the certification of the first LEED Canada Platinum school.  This school building is the most energy-efficient school in Canada, achieving all 10 Optimized Energy points.

We understand that this journey will continue forward and we are endlessly aiming to better serve our customer’s needs through integrating sustainable products and practices into our business.


Ecologo Badge



Formerly known as ECOLOGO.

UL has been committed to their mission of working for a safer world since being founded in 1894. One way we live our mission is through Corporate Sustainability, integrating it into every facet of our work. We believe our global reach and safety science expertise make us uniquely positioned to have a profound and positive impact on the world.

From employee volunteerism and financial donations to reducing our environmental impact and providing sustainability services, we ensure there are ways for everyone at UL to be engaged in Corporate Sustainability




Green Seal is a non-profit organization that develops life cycle-based sustainability standards for products, services and companies and offer third-party certification for those that meet the criteria in the standard.


Greenguard Badge


The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, part of UL Environment, was founded in 2001 with the missions of protecting human health and quality of life by improving indoor air quality and reducing chemical exposure.  The GREENGUARD Program helps manufacturers create and buyers identify interior products and materials that have low chemical emissions, improving the quality of the air in which products are used.


The Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval


CRI’s Seal of Approval (SOA) program is all about cleaning efficacy and constant improvement. We wanted to know how well vacuums, extractors, and cleaning solutions worked to clean carpet, so we developed the carpet industry’s only scientific program to test and measure the effectiveness of cleaning products and equipment. The program helps consumers make informed decisions and manufacturers improve their products. The results are cleaner, healthier, and longer-lasting carpet.